It’s All Him

Somewhere in March of this year I fell for a boy.

I remember the moment perfectly. After our first kiss, I looked into his eyes and he smiled. That smile. That’s all it took. I fell hard, all at once.

He wasn’t the usual kind of boy, the kind who is inconsistent and shadowy. The kind who plays with your feelings just because he knows he has the power to. And trust, this guy had the power to play with mine.

No, he was nothing like that.

He reverberated life off him, gave everything and everyone he came into contact with more vigor and vitality rather than pulling them down like most people do these days.

But this guy, he was so different and it made me want him, so badly. He’s been mine for a while now but I still want him. Every. Single. Day.

He’s made such an impact on me, he’s changed my life and I doubt he even knows it.

I don’t think he realizes what he does to me.

If you see me walking around with an extra bounce in my step, if you catch me in a moment of silence where it looks like I’m pondering and I smile to myself, if you notice that I am genuinely happier now then I ever was… it’s all his doing. It’s all him.


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