My name is Kimberly Viveiros, and I’m a full-time English student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Ever since I was really young, I’ve loved stories. Just simply, I loved reading, writing, and breathing stories. In any form – picture books, short stories, novels, and movies. I guess I always knew I’d end up being a writer, but pursuing it as a career never really crossed my mind until I was in my late teen years.

I love writing, and I have a passion for film. So, I  ultimately decided my goal in life would be to become a screenwriter.

This writing blog, however, will not contain any of my script ideas or full scripts. Perhaps I will post excerpts of my scripts on a separate page on this blog in the future. But for right now, this blog serves as an outlet for all my crazy, random, and passionate ideas that come to my mind on a daily basis.

As my blog tagline says “The best part of me is well hidden.” And the only way anyone can possibly come close to finding the well hidden insights, thoughts, ideas, stories and memories that are me, is by deciphering my sporadic brain activity through my writing.

Film Blog: kimberlyviv.wordpress.com

Twitter: @kimberlyviv

Hitrecord: (kimberlyviv) – http://www.hitrecord.org/users/kimberlyviv

Tumblr: kimberlyviv.tumblr.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Kimberly, very nice writing with a distinct voice. I’ve bookmarked and added to my blogroll at OCanadaBlog so I and others can visit more. Look forward to exploring more of what you have to say. Keep dreaming and pursuing your writing goals. Best, Brett

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