Going Public – Writing Goals 2013

As writers, it’s important to set ourselves some realistic, reasonable, and achievable goals and deadlines. It’s also really important for us to go public with our goals. To find out why I’m doing this, check out Scott Myer’s blog here: http://gointothestory.blcklst.com/2012/12/writing-goals-2013-part-5-going-public.html

“Why go public?

Because if we just think about our goals, they are nothing more than illusions, hazy, half-baked phantasms in our heads, here and potentially gone like all the other zillion thoughts that spurt through our consciousness each day.

Because if you don’t formalize your writing goals, you may forget them.

Because having some sort of tangible, physical list gives you a touchstone to remind you what you need be focusing on throughout the year.

Because by proclaiming your goals to the Universe, they become real.

And the biggest reason of all: That simple act of courage — declaring your goals publicly — engenders positive energy, recalling the line by the Rev. Basil King who said, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”” – Scott Myers

So, what are my writing goals for 2013?

I have plenty.

I want to continue writing short stories, insights, thoughts, opinion pieces, poems, and picture prompts on my Insights and Thoughts writing blog. It’s the best way I have of expressing myself, and through this blog I am able to better myself as a writer and better my world view.

I will continue writing film reviews on my film blog (kimberlyviv.wordpress.com). I always seem to have something to say on a whole bunch of different films, and I just simply find complete enjoyment writing about movies. And someone once told me, “You’re doing it right by being on twitter and with your movie review blog thing. Shows you have a passion and expertise. Some tangible evidence you know your stuff… You’re pretty mature in terms of your social media approach to all this. That’s impressive.”

I plan on continuing what I’m doing with this whole social networking thing… Twitter has helped me a WHOLE lot this year. I don’t think anyone can really understand just how much except for me. Finding other aspiring and successful screenwriters in the world has really boosted my confidence in being able to make it. I’ve created a great writing support system on twitter. Strangers have been messaging, emailing, and tweeting screenwriting advice, tips, and have honestly been a great help in finding a practical approach to following my dreams and getting shit DONE. This little blurb just does NOT do justice to the amazing group of people I’ve found online who have helped me through a lot (For instance, some people literally send me paragraphs upon paragraphs of screenwriting advice sometimes, and it just makes me so happy to be part of such a strong writing support system). Plus, networking is key for writers in terms of getting their stuff out there.

Last but DEFINITELY not least…

I plan on completing at least one script, with revisions and all. In other words, have my first FINAL draft manuscript printed out and binded by the end of this year. (I even have a set date to finish my first draft – May 10, the day before my birthday. Kind of like a birthday gift to myself I guess). I really have to push myself to get some scripts written down if I’m going to apply to Vancouver Film School for their Screenwriting program in a couple of years.

To make sure I actually achieve my goals this year, I’ve already started writing down on a calendar my weekly writing deadlines. For example, for the month of January, I plan on writing at least 10 pages of my script each week. For next month, seeing as things might get busier with school and midterms and all, I will probably only aim for 5 pages a week.

I’m also printing out the pages of my first draft as I go along, and I’m posting it up on my “movie board” so whenever I see it, it will not only remind me to keep going, but also it will get me excited to get it finished and keep on writing.

Photo on 13-01-10 at 2.13 PM

I also have future plans on submitting my scripts to http://blcklst.com/, and maybe even to some film festivals such as Sundance Film Festival. It’s a long shot, but eh, at least I can say I tried and am putting myself out there. How else am I supposed to get my work noticed?

“The Black List is where moviemakers find great scripts to make and scripts find moviemakers to make them.”




People hate on clouds too much.

This one girl had her nose stuck in story books all day long, and everyone kept telling her that she had her head up in the clouds like it was a bad thing.

Stories reveal so much about our world.

For example, the original oral fairtytale tradition was started as a way to entertain, yes, but it also revealed so many different social issues of the time and some can even relate to today’s world. Look it up. And then the Harry Potter series is probably the best example of how fantasy, fiction, and storytelling can blend perfectly with social issues and therefore teaching its readers the various issues of racism, slavery, “ethnic cleansing”, war, politics, and sexism amongst countless others.

So when this girl was reading these story books, she might have had her head amongst the clouds, but who said clouds don’t have anything to offer? Well, whoever first started that saying “She has her head up in the clouds” and applied a negative connotation to it… is a numbnuts. 

I think, therefore I am.



I think too much.

Or at least, that’s what everybody’s telling her. But does that stop her? No. She continues to think, to ponder, to wonder about the world around her. And in this way, she learns, she opens her mind, and she opens her heart. To the different kinds of people she meets, she opens her arms. Through thinking, reflecting, and seeking different perspectives she is able to fully wrap herself around the different issues of the world.

Through thinking, she discovers.

Through thinking, she solves.

Through thinking, she is.